Blue-Eyed Lucy Ball Python for sale


Species: Python regius
Sex: Female
Birth: January 2023
Weight: 60-130 grams
Image: Representative Image
Diet: Live Mouse
Shipping: Within 24 hours

Blue-Eyed Lucy Ball Python for sale

Step into a world of enchantment with Dundas reptiles, your premier destination for exquisite Blue-Eyed Lucy Ball Python for sale. Renowned for their ethereal beauty and captivating blue eyes, these rare snakes are a true marvel in the realm of reptile genetics. Join us as we unveil the allure of Blue-Eyed Lucy Ball Python and the exceptional services that await you at Dundas reptiles shop.

We proudly present the mesmerizing Blue-Eyed Lucy Ball Python, also known as the Super Mojave. These snakes are a result of a unique genetic mutation that leads to their stunning pale, almost white, appearance and striking blue eyes. A true rarity in the world of reptiles, the Blue-Eyed Lucy captivates the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts alike.


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