Sugar Harlequin 100% DH Desert Ghost Amur


Sex: Male
Traits: Harlequin, Het Desert Ghost, Het Amur, Sugar
Birth: 2022
Weight: 170g
Diet: Frozen/Thawed Rat
Shipping: Within 24 Hours

Sugar Harlequin 100% DH Desert Ghost Amur

Ball pythons are one of the best snakes for beginners entering into the reptile hobby.
While no animal should be considered “easy” or “no effort” the time it takes to care for these amazing creatures is usually significantly less than some other so-called “beginner” reptiles.
General care as babies:
Fed frozen weekly
Lighting and Heat
Just like most reptiles snakes need Heat to help digest their food and regulate their body temperature. The most important thing to do is set up a gradient across the tank so they can choose how hot/cold they want to be. As for UVB, it is not proven necessary for ball pythons however should be provided if possible.


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